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About RG Horticulture

Co-founders team father and son, Roberto Guzmán and Jaime Guzmán formed RG Horticulture Consulting with the goal to advise homeowner associations, residential developers, corporations and other campuses on professional management of landscape and arboriculture. Our goal is to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for every customer while offering extensive expertise and skills to determine the different landscape needs and services to apply. RG Horticulture consultants offer a wide range of services related to all arboricultural needs from aesthetic pruning of a small maple tree to the preservation of heritage trees. Whatever your needs, you will find the appropriate technical response.

Roberto Guzmán is a certified horticulturist and arborist. Since 1990, he has been offering long-term tree management services, which include: complete tree inventory and mapping, tree-hazard assessments, diagnosis, pest and disease control, structural pruning and tree surgery for preservation. His training includes both academic as well as applied experience in horticulture, planning, design and maintenance, as well as tropical horticulture. Roberto is a member of several U.S.-based horticultural organizations. National and international experience.

Jaime Guzmán has a B.S. in biology from Cornell University and a Masters in Planning from UC Los Angeles. Jaime is responsible for the day-to-day client relationship and contract services. In addition, Jaime is in charge of planning, design, plants selection and field supervision.

Roberto and Jaime have 45 years of combined experience in horticulture and have contributed to the obtainment of local and national awards for excellence in commercial landscape installation and maintenance. Our credentials include a certification of Horticulturist from the University of California; an Agricultural Pest Control Advisor certification, Arborist Certification from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and a State Landscape Contractor license. Their years of on-the-field experience combined with technical and academic training affords a unique approach to challenging projects and effective service delivery. They take pride in their reputation and reliability.