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Transplanting Large Trees

Landscaping with fruit trees is an excellent approach to create beauty and sustainability on the land available for planting in any residential area. This 40 year-old Washington navel orange tree has been transported from the farm to the urban landscape.

Transplanting Washington navel orange tree

Process of transplanting a large ancient olive tree in a residential site. These giant olive trees had been planted for centuries at the olive country in Corning-northern California and provide an incredible Mediterranean-style to the Landscape in the property. RG Consulting has been successfully planting these kind of trees for many years.

Transplanting giant olive tree

Roberto Guzman, RG Horticulture Consulting’s owner, directing the set up of this ancient olive tree for a proper planting.

Transplanting ancient olive tree

Balancing and setting of a giant ancient olive tree over the planting hole.

Balancing and setting of giant ancient olive tree

Mediterranean concept on the view of this ancient olive tree surrounded by Lavenders and White Roses.

Mediterranean concept with ancient olive tree