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Tree Root Management

Root management is a very important process to preserve the trees which roots have invaded sensitive areas as structural foundations, sport fields and, patios and roads. These beautiful Redwoods protruded their roots in a tennis court and installation of root barriers was necessary.

Root Management of Redwoods

This photo shows the roots of the Redwood grove under the paving of a tennis court. This condition could have been avoided with the preventative installation of root barriers at the moment of planting the trees at the edge of the court.

Roots under paving of tennis court

Trench 18 inch depth by 8 inch width in preparation for the installation of heavy duty panels as permanent barriers to stop the regrowth of the roots on the same direction. Roberto Guzman, RG Horticulture Consulting’s owner, directing the set up of this ancient olive tree for a proper planting.

Trench to prevent root regrowth

Heavy duty panels 18 inches by 2 feet assembled and ready to be installed into the trench

 Heavy duty panels

Root barrier panels already installed in side the trench along the treated root cuts. Root barriers should be evaluated after the fifth year of the initial installation because in many cases the cut roots regrowth over the top of the barrier and invade again the structures.

Root barrier installation